Wheel tire changer BGC850, 400V, semi-automatic BOOST GEAR BGC850

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The BGC850 tire changer is designed for mounting and dismounting tires from the rims of passenger cars, vans and motorbikes. In the case of the latter, it is enough to purchase additional equipment in the form of an appropriate adapter to be able to easily remove the motorcycle tire from the rim. Additional reinforcements and a square guide pin guarantee safe operation in conditions requiring increased durability. The presented model of the tire changer is characterized by an ergonomic design and an arm tilted manually to the side, which allows for comfortable work in small rooms and increases the comfort of work in the case of mobile vulcanization services.

The BGC850 tire changer is designed for wheels with a diameter of up to 21 inches (internal mounting of the rim). It has a table with four jaws, controlled by solid and reliable actuators. In addition, the machine is distinguished by the high quality of the mechanisms that control both the electrical and pneumatic installations. The hammer actuator used in BGC850 allows for a force of 2500 kg, and its contoured shape significantly facilitates removing the tire.

This product does not have an auxiliary arm - there is a possibility of additional equipment with an auxiliary arm, supporting the pressure of the tire during disassembly and assembly of tires, both in the case of standard, low-profile and run flat tires.

Advantages of the tire changer:

Stable and massive structure

Versatile use - suitable for both passenger car and motorcycle tires (it can be used in a stationary workshop, but also as a mobile service equipment)

Uncomplicated design with a wide range of wheel service

Easy and convenient control with foot pedals

High-quality pneumatic, electrical and mechanical components

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