Pneumatic-hydraulic shop press 20T with a manometer T61222

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Product description


Hydraulic-pneumatic press designed for straightening, bending, extruding, pushing. Equipped with a pressure gauge and height adjustment of the worktop. It will work wherever you need to press a lot of force.


  • Multitasking provides a working range from 0 - 1005 mm.
  • The control is ensured by a pressure gauge that clearly shows the pressure.
  • They have a sliding cylinder - it has been placed on rollers, thanks to which it runs smoothly

Technical data:

  • The pressure of 20 tons
  • height with pressure gauge
  • Working range: 0-970 mm (the total range from the upper part of the folded piston to the working shelf, fully lowered)
  • Inside working width 530 mm (measured between the inside of the post)
  • The diameter of the punch (working piston rod) 48 mm
  • piston extension - 150 mm
  • glycerin manometer graduated in tonnes

External dimensions:

  • Width 720 mm
  • Height 1790 mm
  • Net / Gross weight: 98 / 103 kg

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